Being grounded
Doesn’t mean being farther
From who you thought you should be
[I repeat to myself]
A fallen feather might not fly anymore
And yet  it -writes-
Help those that don’t have wings
[And never will]
Achieve what you cannot.
[The ground hits harder
than the cold open air.]
Quills fall apart
Small, tangled, dry
My hands assimilate
to a feather
More than a glove
that fits just right
Always parched
Always wistful
And yet…
Changing plans
From sudden hindered flight
Does not equate to failure
But [R e s i l i e n c e]
Adjust your filter
The sky has infinite dimensions
[But still
You have more]
Choose your character.
In terms of what one should give in life
Sweat holds more value than Tears.
Fight or flight?
Both. Always choose both.

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